How it works

How it works

At HCIC we map the development of Capabilities for individuals we design and deliver individualised training.

Mapping Capabilities: Using our proprietary assessment instruments (a set of measures aligned to the capabilities that will be required for the future of work and aligned with the Verskills/QTAC requirements) we begin by assessing the capabilities essential for every leader: Leadership, Engagement and Culture, Agility, Direction and Purpose. We add to those Critical Thinking, and Adaptive Mindset because both are necessary in a complex and dynamic world.

Our measurement strategy can be either self-assessment, or peer/supervisor assessment, or both. Each participant gets an individualised report, with each capability broken down into measures of the component behaviours and their level of development. Those measures form the basis of our individualised training solutions.

Customised Learning Plans: To make sure we make the most of the resources you commit to our workshops we build out customised learning plans. We use a blended learning approach, allowing your teams to work at their own pace and to have access to leaders in the domains in which they’re growing. Face-to-face workshops always build on work individuals have done at home, and always provide strategies to build on into the future.

Accredited Recognition: At HCIC we see ourselves as a launching pad into the future. We work hard to set up individuals and teams with the Capabilities they will need for the future. And we understand the journey does not end with us. We can provide certified digital credentials for all our courses, and we badge our learning so individuals can leverage their Capabilities into their future.”

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