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Co-Founder | CEO

Dr Tony Rizk

Dr Tony Rizk is a co-founder and the CEO of HCIC Pty Ltd, and leads development of our learning and assessment programs. Tony brings a unique and parallel skillset in business and in training and has been recognised for that expertise by universities around Australia and overseas.

Tony’s expertise is in Marketing Science, Organizational Behaviour, Leadership and Strategic Management.

He has been a visiting lecturer for various universities and has consulted to companies in Australia and around the world, including Mercedes Benz China, Hainan Airlines, Arnott’s, and Suncorp-Metway Bank. 

Tony has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Management, a Master of Business (Research), and a PhD.

Director of Business Transformation

Dr Vik Kortian

Dr Vik Kortian is a co-founder of the Human Capability Intelligence Centre (HCIC), and Managing Director of the Performance Improvement Institute.

Vik was Director of Performance Improvement at PriceWaterhouseCoopers leading the Lean Six Sigma practice as well as the Director Lean Six Sigma Deployment for the Asia Pacific Region for Unisys.

He has advised and consulted to many manufacturing and service organisations including state and federal government departments. He lectures at Macquarie University and Kaplan Business School.

Vik holds an honours degree in Chemical Engineering, an MBA, an MA, and a PhD in Business.

Director of Science

Dr Rick van der Zwan

Dr Rick van der Zwan is a co-founder of HCIC Pty Ltd. He led development of our bespoke assessment tools, and leads our research and innovation programs.

Rick spent more than 25 years as a psychologist and behavioural neuroscientist investigating the neural and psychological processes underpinning social behaviours. His work has taken him around the world, including projects in Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Canada, and the USA.

The impact of his work has influenced policy and strategy in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, and elsewhere.

Rick holds an Honours Degree in Psychology and a PhD.


Dr Marcus Bowles

Professor Marcus Bowles is Chair of the HCIC Advisory Board. His work, over 30 years, led to the development of the Human Capability Framework implemented by HCIC. He is also Director and Chair of the Institute for Working Futures, and holds a Professorial appointment at the University of Tasmania.

Marcus consults with regions, large organisations, governments, and industry groups in Australia and internationally.

He is well known for his work in vocational education and training reform, and in ways to enhance adoption and use of ICT by communities, businesses, industries, and nations.

Marcus holds a Bachelor of Arts with honours, an MEd, and a PhD.


legal counsel

Frank Goh

Frank Goh is a co-founder and legal counsel for HCIC Pty Ltd. Frank is committed to helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals, and works hard to bring out the best in others by providing vision, expertise, and guidance. He brings a deep, broad, and compassionate approach to that mission.

Frank worked as a tax adviser in the Big Four Chartered Accounting firms.

Using those skills, Frank established GOH Lawyers, supporting clients, both domestic and international. Frank regularly presents lectures to business entrepreneurs and lawyers, providing insights and training regarding recent developments in the law.

Frank holds a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Laws, and Master of Laws. 

Legal & Governance

Erica Liu

Erica Liu is a co-founder and influencer for HCIC. Fluent in Taiwanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and English Erica leads HCIC’s international development activities.

Erica is an experienced lawyer, and an expert mediator and negotiator. She supports a diverse client base including Australian and overseas-based clients with varied property and commercial interests.

She is also actively involved in chairing and delivering seminars to the business leaders and professional groups. Erica supports many community and pro bono activities, including counsel to the Indochinese Aged Care Services. 

Erica holds a Bachelors and Master degree in Health Science, and a Juris Doctorate.

Director of Digital Acumen

Susan Bell

Susan Bell is HCIC’s digital enabler and digital disruptor. She leads our digital strategy. Sue combines her background in education, design, and technology to develop and deliver unique digital solutions. 

Susan uses her skills as an educator to develop world-class learning solutions. Susan’s experience future-seeing has been leveraged by Higher education, not-for-profits, start-ups, in media and communication organisations, and by corporate clients. 

Susan is recognised as an Adobe Education Leader, in Women in Tech, the Convenor for the Tasmanian Branch of Women in Media, and as Director of the Launceston Freelance Festival.

Susan has an Honours degree in Journalism and a Master of Creative Arts (Digital Media).

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